Global guilds speak together: Why do we have to be patient with METAHERO?

In the era of GameFi 1.0, many chain games have kneeled…

For example, AXIE, Farmers World, and Raca Yuan Beast have all undeniably declined.
Starting from July 2021, GameFi has entered the field of vision of most people. It reached its peak in November, and Memecoin has become a trend after a strong relay. However, after the end of November, many games in GameFi thundered, which led to the overall collapse of the Gamefi sector.

In fact, if you study their economic model, you can understand that most of them are short-term, flat and fast-type high-bubble models. The chain game developers have no long-term plans. The gamefi produced is an exploration product in the chain game 1.0 era, and there is no long-term deflation. The economic model does not really consider users and players, nor does it allow users and players to achieve real autonomy.

MetaHero – a product of the chain game 2.0 era

For changes in the Gamefi field, what we need is to have more patience.

MetaHero’s origins are excellent:

The leader in Gamefi 2.0 is a classic tower defense GameFi based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), integrating “TCG, competition, analogy, mining, staking, SWAP, DeFi, NFT, DAO”, with The improved economic model that most chain games in the past did not have, there is no sharp sword hanging over the guild such as “collapse”.

But the progress of anything is not achieved overnight, and it is impossible to debut at the peak.

Let’s take a closer look: what makes Metahero different? Why do we need to be patient with this Gamefi 2.0 “new generation”?

The global guild seminar gave the following reasons:

1. MetaHero has rich long-term income
MetaHero is a chain game 2.0 product supported by top game companies + top venture capital institutions. It has stronger operability than last year’s version 1.0 of chain games such as Farmer’s World, with smaller bubbles and more long-term stable income. In the MetaHero game, players can freely trade hero NFTs and become their real masters.

Through the creation of the Chain Game 2.0 economic model, MetaHero will surely surpass the giants of traditional games.

The huge profits generated by traditional game companies and the huge profits of game pipeline advertisers will be returned to real players through smart contracts. These should not just enter traditional game companies and various money-burning advertisers. pocket.

Remember, blockchain players are the masters of ChainGames 2.0 MetaHero!

2. MetaHero has a very long-term game development plan

Not only in chain games, MetaHero Chain Games 2.0 is the key to unlocking the ecology of the Metaverse. MetaHero has now received strong support from the World Blockchain Foundation and has decided to launch an angel project aimed at promoting the incubation of global guilds.

The plan is ready for the May Day holiday, and MetaHero’s DeFi model, NFT trading, 3D, and VR/AR will all be launched one after another.

Fans please wait patiently, more application scenarios and technical updates are coming soon, MetaHero will not let you down!

MetaHero’s 3D version of the game is prepared for the metaverse world, not some crudely made 2D quality web games on the market!

In the same way, the creation of the NFT trading system and the upcoming launch of the Swap mining pool DeFi game are also for this!

3. MetaHero has a strong global fan group support, and a large number of large guild matrices are pouring in

Guilds from all over the world (the United States, China, South Korea, Japan, France, etc.) began to dominate the rankings one after another, and all players saw the combat power rankings of players from various countries. This is a global game, not a corner.

The golden age of competition has come, and more and more fans have seen real benefits and joined MetaHero.

 The MetaHero project will also launch a wealth of adapted gameplay tutorials, players and fans will continue to benefit.

MetaHero is incomparable to those Ponzi bubble dog chain games on the market in the past! MetaHero must lead the trend of the times and aim to build a more complete chain game system that perfectly matches new fans and players in various regions.

4. MetaHero has a very good income mechanism and stable growth system

Compared with games in the Chain Game 1.0 era, MetaHero’s revenue has steadily increased, and there is no so-called revenue ceiling.

The tokens of MetaHero games are optimized by the Chain Game 2.0 economic model, and there are extremely rich consumption scenarios. Game tokens are the real hard currency in the game!

For example, to fight for gold, you must consume physical strength. There are many other deflationary scenarios like this in MetaHero.

Therefore, the more players, the more consumption, and the supply is in short supply, so there is no need to worry about the decline in prices.The gold income of MetaHero is closely related to your study of the game and your combat power.

As long as you start with high-powered heroes, be patient, and actively promote the guild market, more players will realize that it is not a big problem for a single account to earn 100 U per day through the premium brought by the rising currency price.

Gold income, and gradually increase. One coin, one price, truly realized! Just wait patiently and it will bear fruit!

5. MetaHero has a powerful operation matrix, and it is announced on multiple platforms

MetaHero is deployed on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, and is comprehensively promoted. As time goes by, the interaction between communities in various countries is getting closer and closer. Players and investors will realize that they are in one big family.

The Chinese community has also set up its own subscription group for translation materials. A group of enthusiastic friends are planting seeds in this long bear market and maintaining the growth of MetaHero.

With such a solid operating foundation, what should we worry about?

Quietly deploying in the bleak bear market, waiting for a bull market to arrive, MetaHero will surely give birth to N world-renowned super-rich chain game guilds like YGG.

METAHERO Global Association welcomes you to join us!

Let’s work together to create a great cause in the era of Gamefi 2.0!

MetaHero game link:

May 1st Labor Day Series Activity II MetaHero Global Guild Incubation & Angel Project

We are proud to announce that the World Blockchain Foundation has launched an investment in MetaHero. Based on the further cooperation between the two parties, the World Blockchain Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”) has decided to launch an angel program aimed at promoting the incubation of global guilds Painting (hereinafter referred to as the “plan”), all qualified guilds or studios have the opportunity to obtain the assistance fund given by the World Blockchain Foundation. The first batch of assistance funds is 500,000 USDT, and the first batch of assistance funds will be built. 30–50 guilds for the global promotion and overall development of the MetaHero game business.

Sponsor: World Blockchain Foundation

The World Blockchain Foundation is a leading blockchain venture capital institution in the industry, focusing on assisting the development of blockchain companies and projects in countries and regions around the world, incubating and helping blockchain companies to develop more comprehensively. It has previously announced that it has completed a $10.5 million seed round at a valuation of $160 million. AllianceDAO, Signal Fire, Pear VC, DIGITAL, One Block Capital and other capital institutions participated in the investment.

Incubation purpose: Through this plan, to build a DAO education and training system all over the world, to support the rapid growth of small game guilds, and to realize the accelerated implementation of the MetaHero game ecosystem.

specific contents:

1. Assisted object: Small gold mining guild (studio)

2. Ways of assistance: reach at multiple levels such as capital, technology, management, strategy, etc.

3. Assistance matters:

The original intention of this plan is to eliminate the worries of small guilds, so that more small guilds (studios) can seize the era of GameFi and DAO, achieve leap-forward development from 0 to 1, and enjoy the early development dividends of emerging industries. The foundation will give full support to qualified small guilds (studios) including funds, technology, management, etc.

1) In terms of funding, the foundation will provide a boost fund of up to 10,000 USDT to each qualified guild based on the support principle of win-win cooperation and risk sharing to fully support the early development of small guilds;

2) In terms of technology, the Foundation will provide the supported guilds with constantly updated game gold-making strategies and game scripts to ensure that the guild’s gold-making efficiency is always at its best;

3) In terms of management, when the guild develops to a certain scale, the foundation will provide the guild with necessary help and guidance from the DAO management level, and even further provide financial and other support for the guild.

In a word, the foundation will always be the most solid backing of the guild, and the guild only needs to make the right choice once to have the opportunity to achieve a magnificent turn.

The following are the game related attachments.

MetaHero game link:

VAEX exchange link:

OASWAP link (BSC):

MHC contract address (BSC):0x04Ef9272661420c4164Ad7179a962A51b648AED0

VPN download link:

TP wallet download link:

Telegraph download link:

Twitter download link:

The new era of SAGD, join forces with Silicoin!

Many people have questions about SAGD. What is it?

SAGD with Star Wars as the theme, made up of many a star, the stars against world view and it integrates the planet civilization construction, management, operations and community content of virtual survival, etc… using an open mode for its construction, everything outside the bottom frame will be built by the players, everything in the game can generate NFT (land, construction, mining, equipment, skin, etc.), It aims to create a decentralized online virtual reality space metaverse game platform.

We now know SAGD is a NFT GameFi game, so what’s so appealing about it?

1) SAGD absorbs the essence of making money while playing. From the purchase of items to the sale of equipment, items and their derived rewards, the entire process relies on crypto assets.

2) NFT cardholders can continue to earn bonuses from the game, which reinforces the connection between different parts of the game. SAGD allows users to create heroes of different races, choose different fleets to explore space, and put their heroes and NFT into teams to earn SAGD rewards in a variety of ways.

3) In addition, the game store will sell a wealth of items, players can pay SAGD to buy their Heroes, fight the Boss planet, get rewards and achieve the domination of the galaxy!

As more and more GameFi appear, how can SAGDS maintain their advantages?

1) SAGD will grasp the future trend of NFT and provide the development of an underlying technology construction framework suitable for ecological development.

2) SAGD focuses on the participation experience of consensus. In addition, through personal invitation and experience sharing in community forums, stickiness between users can be increased and all participants benefit from consensus.

3) The SAGD allows users to generate a baseline view of the trend of the metaverse without having to constantly research numerous projects and adjust their investment strategy.

4) Based on blockchain technology and smart contracts, SAGD Alliance platform realizes massive ownership cutting, circulation process tracing, income and dividend management, etc., which makes SAGD ecosystem asset investment become small-scale and high-end

5) SAGD has the advantages of system security and tamper-proof. The SAGD ecosystem makes transactions based on blockchain’s smart contracts and automatically generates payment orders.

How will SAGD be shown to the public?

SAGD provides users with reliable, secure and fast blockchain applications to meet their needs in various scenarios. Specifically, the PC app supports mainstream operating systems such as Windows and macOS. A mobile app, supporting mainstream operating systems such as iOS and Android; Web app, that supports domestic and foreign mainstream browsers.

Which team and country did SAGD’s developers come from? Will it become monotonous?

SAGD has a strong development team that includes:

1) Alcot, who graduated from The University of Pennsylvania with a master’s degree, is an entrepreneur coach and mentor. He has served as the general manager and executive director of several listed groups, and is the author of action marketing.

2) Bentley has been engaged in big data and blockchain technology development since 2010, focusing on cryptocurrency research. As the technical director of MOKA, MOKA has sold more than 2 billion copies of game software worldwide, created many famous figures in the history of the game, such as Mario and Donkey Kong, and also created the most classic games and dramas in the history of the game. Like The Legend of Zelda.

3) Cher Xing, head of community operations, holds a bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University and is the founder of Blizzard Entertainment, a famous Game production and publishing company in the United States.

4) Garfield, Master of Financial Management, University of UK, formerly worked for Morgan Stanley investment Banker, mainly responsible for investment advisor in SAGD games.

Speaking of games related to the economy, what has SAGD done to protect player accounts, and even privacy?

Each internet-connected IOT device, after being “identified” on the blockchain, has a unique global identity that can be used to identify credit. Each smart contract has a unique public address, just like a regular wallet. The difference is that the private key of the smart contract is discarded when the contract is created, so no one can send the digital assets inside the smart contract after it is created, except for the consensus mechanism.

In view of the up-chain demand of monitoring events in the Internet of things, that is, the device holder of the IOT can set the smart contract, data storage path and data charge amount in advance, so as to broadcast the whole network and store digital records. SAGD’s smart contracts require mandatory, real-time, and fully automatic triggering in the event of an abnormal event. The data that triggers the condition is also blockchain-protected data, accurate, secure, and immutable.

What are SAGD’s future plans or developments while developing the game?

SAGD will construct an integrated metaverse ecological chain of NFT + DeFi + DAO. Because SAGD games directly port Ethereum’s underlying technology and interface standards, the cost of migration is very low for developers, there is an incentive for third parties to cheaply expand their businesses to new platforms, to gain user traffic, and there is a low barrier to learning and connecting for Ethereum DeFi users. The cost of the ecological chain includes the cost of Dapp development, debugging, maintenance and upgrade.

At the level of cross-chain ecological application, the community is actively encouraged and guided to develop and launch more high-quality [cross-chain + DeFi – applications, and enrich the categories of ecological applications, such as increasing cross-chain machine gun pool, cross-chain NFT trading platform, cross-chain two-layer solutions, etc. In the long run, the performance metrics required to achieve the desired DeFi business in the future will be much more than that, and SAGD games will be the technical solution to the scalability problem in a real sense.

Will SAGD and Silicoin work together in the future?

Silicoin is a branch of Chia with strong potential and a very large user base. SAGD is a new GameFi project with great potential for the future. We believe that cooperation between the two sides will produce more sparks. After SAGD’s chain tour is officially launched, both sides will discuss the details of specific cooperation in more depth. As far as we can see, the simplest and most straightforward solution is to have SIT circulating in the game. Users can play with SAGD and SIT of their choice, such as opening blind boxes, purchasing NFT and precious equipment, etc.

The bridge between Silicoin and Binance Smart Chain has been done by FuturesCash

Over the past decade, blockchain and Defi have become increasingly popular, with disruptive use cases in almost every domain. To reach its full potential, the cryptocurrency community must find solutions to certain persistent problems:

  • Scalability

  • Interoperability

  • Inter-chain communication

Because different blockchain cannot communicate, users cannot fully enjoy the benefits of ledger technology. Just like cryptocurrencies are hard to swap from one chain to another. This frustration makes it imperative that “cross-chain” technologies allow users to exchange value and information easily and quickly. Therefore, we need a strong, trust-minimized cross-chain ecosystem to connect the players in the public chain. Realizing this, Silicoin started exploring technology to cross-chain.

In coincidence, we found that Futures Foundation is now working to build a cross-chain ecosystem that fits our strategic development needs. FuturesCash, the foundation’s product, will launch an IBO (Initial Bridge Offering) mechanism.

Thus, Silicoin has decided to work with FuturesCash. Both users can take advantage of the IBO mechanism on FuturesCash and enjoy the benefits of low gas costs and convenience, making the comples cross-chain process very simple.

What are the benefits of cross-chain for Silicoin networks?

Firstly, lower the threshold of entry for users. Silicoin is known to be an independent public chain based on Chia technology and mining equipment is a basic requirement to join in Silicoin network. Therefore, the vast majority of beginner of users, or users without mining equipment are excluded. This is a very important bottleneck for the long-term development of a public chain.

Secondly, reduce the technical difficulty of ecological development. Silicoin’s blockchain performance will take time to settle compared to Ethereum and BSC (Binance Smart Chain) due to its innovative technology. But we know very well how important it is to develop ecology for a public chain. However, due to technical limitations, many talented programmers have not been able to join the Chia blockchain ecosystem. In view of this, we believe that by cross-chain, we can get more programmers to join Silicoin’s ecology and they can do more development on the BSC without being limited by the common chain itself. For example, contributors can develop GameFi on the BSC, creat LP pools, set up NFT platforms, or open leveraged trading pairs, ect. All of this is difficult to land before the implementation of cross-chain, but after the cross-chain, all become possible.

About SIT on Binance Smart Contract

SIT Smart Contract Address: 0x27db5261Dd23Aca86000bBAf4Cb120b5DD5DD569

Silicoin NFT Contract Address: 0xbCCB20A7CFc41552D8E6B3f181352E14c4C70dE4

Silicoin DAPP Link:

About FuturesCash

Finally, let’s briefly introduce our partner, FuturesCash cross-chain Wallet has a wider range of applications, better cryptocurrency circulation, and as always, a user-friendly interface. With upcoming new features, it will provide users with a unique experience.

FuturesCash, FC Multi-chain Wallet, focuses on the financial management function of cryptocurrency, and its three features are popular among 500,000 users around the world:

  • Mobile phone number opens an account in one minute

  • Ultra-low commission directly connected to DeFi trading platform

  • Support USDT-TRC20, BNB and other dozens of hot assets

About the Futures of foundation and FuturesCash, olease see the official account below for more information:


  1. Search for “FuturesCash” in App Store or Google Play

  2. Open the official website with a browser on an Android phone

How to transfer your SIT to BSC

MetaX Game public beta test with 65ETH Prize

#MetaX Game Bounty Beta Contest#

Are you a metaverse super player?

If yes, join us the MetaX Game bounty beta test.

Total 200,000 USDT Super Prize Pool!

Date of competition:

16/4/2022 at 08:00EST)— 21/4/2022 at 20:00EST)

How to participate in the event:

Players can participate in the MetaX Game April Bounty Beta Contest in the form of Game guilds or individuals. Players can receive X1 (MetaX token, no public sale yet) airdrop and have a chance to win 200,000 USDT NFT super prize

Event 1: Early birds share 20,000USDT prize

First 100 players participating in the public beta test during the event period will share 20,000 USDT worth of X1 token rewards.

Event 2: Top Battle warriors – Players will battle for 65 ETH worth of NFTs

Players can participate in the form of game guilds or individuals. Top 10 players in each of the below categories will be rewarded with NFTs.

Cat 1:Top 10 players with the highest number of kills

Cat 2: Top 10 with the highest total amount of rewards acquired

Cat 3: Top ten with the highest attacking power

Cat 4: Top 10 with the highest defence power

Cat 5: Top 10 with the shortest attack CD

All 5 categories together can receive total 13 ETH worth of interstellar quantum weapon NFTs. NFT rewards will be distributed within 15 days after the public beta test event end. Please follow the official Twitter for details.

NO. Rewards Value Prize
1 PREDATOR MASK 4 ETH Rare NFT Collection
2 E-5 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
3 E-5 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
4 E-5 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
5 E-5 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
6 DISK 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
7 DISK 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
8 DISK 1ETH Interstellar quantum weapon NFT
9 IRON MAN GLOVE 1ETH Star defence weapon NFT
10 IRON MAN GLOVE 1ETH Star defence weapon NFT

Event3: Metax Game guild Support Program

Call for the most powerful guilds in the metaverse to join the Metax Game guild alliance, where you will get:

  1. Limited Edition Starship and Interstellar Quantum Weapon NFT.

  2. Priority to access to Metax Game’s first batch of new game public beta mining.

  3. 1,000USDT trade guild development fund.

  4. All the promotion resources of Metax Game, including more than 3,000 media channels around the world to increase the exposure and publicity of your guild.

  5. High referral rebate for inviting guild members or other new members to join the Metax Game.

Send your following information to MetaX official email We will contact you within 24 hours:

  1. Guild name

  2. Introduction of your guild

  3. Contact information (Telegram/Email/Twitter)

  4. Community Links (Telegram/Discord)

  5. Social media accounts (Twitter/YouTube/Facebook/Instagram)

Event 4: Attendance rewards—Mysterious NFT lucky draw and 2000U worth token rewards

During the public beta test, users who like/comment/retweet the launch event information for 5 consecutive days can take screenshots and send them to the MetaX Game Telegram or Twitter administrators.We will verify the Twitter account address, and randomly pick 10 lucky users to share the total value of 2000USDT token rewards. One of them can get a mysterious NFT reward worth 1 ETH.

Activity 5: Bug Bounty

Please submit the game bugs encountered during the public beta test and provide suggestions for revisions, and then send them to the official email After evaluation by the develop team, players who have sent valuable questions will receive X1 rewards worth 500 USDT tokens rewards.

About Metax Game

Metax is the only fully decentralized, SLG-like PVP blockchain game built on ETH. It is the world’s first fully decentralized PVP game based on Interstellar and Star Wars IP, covering Interstellar teleport and combat, metaverse social networking, interstellar metaverse warships and weapons NFT collectibles. Players can purchase and collect NFT assets in the game and participate in Metax battles to gain a gamified DeFi experience.


Sign up Hoo Smart Chain “Cosmic Origin Project”, realize visual blockchain together!

As DeFi is becoming more homogeneous and static, Hoo Smart Chain is set for a break through by announcing their decision to go all in the metaverse. In March 2022, the “Cosmic Origin Project“, an incentive program for global decentralized developers was launched.

At present, Terra is the second largest DeFi network after ETH with 26 billion TVL.  The most important reason of the result is the high annual subsidy Terra officially gives its algorithmic stablecoin UST, thus UST and LUNA are linked to form a positive feedback cycle of aggregate funds.

IMG_257For a new blockchain to achieve high liquidity and break into top TVL positions is to  provide high rewards for projects deployed in ecosystem, so as to gather funds, attract popularity to realise explosive growth.

But unlike Anchor which is the dominant project on Terra, Hoo Smart Chain’s “Cosmic Origin Project” is an incentive for all projects. It offers a massive bonus system of up to $2.05 million per month for a single project from the TVL incentive scheme, NFT and GameFi project volume incentive scheme, cross-chain incentive scheme and HOO Token staking bonus.

Apart from large scale projects, Hoo Smart Chain also supports small and medium DeFi projects, with a minimum of 1 million TVL required to receive sustainable rewards.

With developer-friendly incentives, low GAS fees, efficient transaction speeds, and ease of deployment with Ethereum-compatible EVM, Hoo Smart Chain has become a prime destination for emerging projects, as well as attracting quality projects from other blockchains to Hoo Smart Chain.

IMG_258 InfStones, a Web3 infrastructure provider that raised $33m in Series B funding, recently signed up the “Cosmic Origin Project“. InfStones provides public and private API services and node management services on the platform, enabling customers to deploy their nodes in the Hoo Smart Chain or other blockchains within minutes with one click.

In addition,  Forward Protocol that has received $1.25 million in funding from several institutions including, CVVC, AU21, X21 and GDA Capital, also sign up. And closed a $2.37 million seed and private funding round earlier this year, Tank Wars Zone is a P2E game funded by Fantom Foundation, DFG, JSquare, Newave Capital, HyperChain Capital, Prometeus Labs, ZBS Capital, LD Capital will also be deployed on Hoo Smart Chain in the near future.

Up till now, “Cosmic Origin Project” has attracted WEB3.0 projects: Forward, infrastructure : Infstones, aggregator: Autofarm, Dex: PuddingSwap, SocialFi: 5 degrees, GameFi: Tank Wars Zone over 40 projects signed up.

Hoo Smart Chain is an easily scalable high-performance basic blockchain. Dedicated to providing developers with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment to run decentralized smart contract applications (DApps) and store digital assets. Since Hoo Smart Chain announced its commitment to creating a metaverse, the realization of metaverse will take place in four stages: visualization, three-dimension interface, social interaction and metaverse.

IMG_259  “Cosmic Origin Project” is the first step of the “Visual Blockchain” in the metaverse’s four-step plan, Hoo Smart Chain has launched a comprehensive and multi-channel incentive form for popular tracks such as the Decentralized Application Foundation Protocol, Multi-chain and cross-chain Hub Protocol, GAMEFI and NFT to support global quality decentralized ecological projects. It is committed to promoting the development of different sections of decentralized application, exploring the infinite possibilities including visual blockchain ecology, metaverse blockchain and so on; We hope to provide better and more sustainable support to ecological developers to build the future of blockchain.

Hoo Smart Chain Website:  

“Cosmic Origin Project” registration form :  

Official Developer Telegram Group: 


BlueArk (BRK) metaverse platform explores the road of innovation

BlueArk metaverse platform (BRK) , a combination of offline and online development, has been increasingly recognized by the market. Metaverse concept store in Hong Kong, many people make an appointment to visit every day. Innovation is the driving force for the project to become great. Continuous innovation can effectively test the comprehensive strength of the project.

On upcoming EP.5 Ark-Live, Will going to have valuable partner @ruby9100m who’s currently launching her first solo NFT exhibition at our BlueArk concept store in Peninsula.

Along with Peter and Dough-Boy, they will be sharing the discussion about art in Metaverse and NFT creation related topics.

Simply click on the link below at the designated time and we will be able to join ZOOM live! You are also welcome to watch the live streaming on Facebook page at the same time too! Join on ZOOM:

BlueArk metaverse platform (BRK) has been listed on several exchanges, for example: JPEX, LBank, Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap and Mdex. The good news: the near future, Hotcoin Global Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list BlueArk (BRK) on April 14, 2022. For all users of Hotcoin Global Exchange, the BRK/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 18:00 (UTC+8) on April 14, 2022.


Figure : Hotcoin Global Exchange Will List BlueArk (BRK) on April 14, 2022

The emergence of metaverse concept has brought huge potential in evolution of human ecology. With advanced blockchain technology and features such as DeFi, NFT, and GameFi, BlueArk (BRK) is here to carry the imagination and infinite possibilities of all mankind, lead the world into metaverse, and jointly create an ideal and vast world of great harmony. Its native token BRK will be listed on Hotcoin Global Exchange at 18:00 (UTC+8) on April 14, 2022, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.

Introducing BlueArk

BlueArk (BRK) is a bridge and a media to bring the imagination and creativity of all mankind from reality to the metaverse. The business of BlueArk includes art, creation, music, video, multimedia, game, smart chain and concept store. It will make use of advanced concepts and technologies such as blockchain, NFT and AI to provide space and possibilities for creators all over the world, so they can pursue their creativity and imagination, and create more value for their creations.

To give the creation a proper “value” in the market, “BRK NFT Marketplace” was built by BlueArk with the three advantages of low barrier, high accessibility, and fast transaction, all creators in the world can show their ability and best creations to the world without geographical limitation in front of NFT collectors and buyers from different countries, create value, and prove the value of their art creations. As a brand-new marketplace, it supports digital collectables, paintings, music, videos, gifs, game NFTs, etc., which can all be displayed and exchanged on the platform.

In addition, BRK will establish an exclusive “BRK Artificial Intelligence” system to recreate “secondary value” and give more significance to users’ NFT works, so that NFT will not only stop at the narrow level of collecting and trading. It will also create a new concept of “GameFi” through the “BRK Smart Chain” and artificial intelligence system, and further apply the concept of “participation as mining” to players.

Moreover, BRK’s AI system will use big data to make simultaneous evolution and to create one of the important element for “BRK Metaverse” – “BRK Galaxy”, where users can use the NFT works they own to generate the basic unit of “BRK Planet”, in which a unique family, community, ecology, environment, mining, art, creation, games and various commercial activities can be built. To enter the metaverse, users need to create a unique “BRK Metazen” identity with its patented BRK AI creation technology.

In addition to the “BRK Galaxy”, there is also a new concept of “BRK Multiverse” joining the “BRK Metaverse”. BlueArk will share data with other companies or enterprises using AI technology, and build their parallel world in the BRK Metaverse for them. It will also use AI to connect and interact with other metaverse worlds of different brands in this way.

Through these specific concepts of “BRK Galaxy”, “BRK Metazen”, and “BRK Multiverse”, BlueArk will create a universal world that crosses the age and space, and implements a new “BRK Metaverse” business model that spans generations and the world.

About BRK Token

BRK is the token of the BlueArk ecology, through the concepts of NFT, DeFi and GameFi, a financial metaverse ecology with BRK as the currency will be constructed to provide actual financial value for artistic creations, and to create a digital business world with no border for stakeholders, to create a better life, and to fulfill bigger dreams.

The total supply of BRK is 650 billion (i.e. 650,000,000,000) tokens. 20% of the total supply is allocated to the team, 15% is provided for sustainable development foundation, and 5% is provided for platform incentive. Apart from the traditional “mining”, under the new concept of “participation as mining”, the rest 60% of the total supply will be emerged through transactions of NFTs on the “BRK NFT Marketplace”, “BRK games”, or “BRK staking pool”. Participants can earn BRK by simply transacting NFT, playing BRK games, or staking digital assets in the pool.

BRK will be listed on Hotcoin Global Exchange at 18:00 (UTC+8) on April 14, 2022, investors who are interested in BlueArk investment can easily buy and sell BRK on Hotcoin Global Exchange by then. The listing of BRK on Hotcoin Global Exchange will undoubtedly help it further expand its business and draw more attention in the market.

Learn More about BRK Token:

Official Website:






Silicoin and MetaHero held an AMA on Discord

Many of our Silicoin members are very interested in the upcoming game, could you please briefly introduce MetaHero?

MetaHero: MetaHero is a classic, unique tower defense game based on BSC Staking, combined with “TCG, races, simulation, mining, Staking, SWAP, DeFi, NFT, DAO,” where you take your team of heroes on adventures and build on each other.

This is where you can take your heroes and pets on adventures together and achieve each other in play-to-earn. With MetaHero, you can own your own world on the blockchain. Each player can win the hero by opening the blind box, leveling up, exchanging, changing career, etc., and use their hero to break through in the exciting game environment and get the game reward.

How does MetaHero difference from other GameFi? Is there any innovation in the economic model?

MetaHero: The biggest difference between MetaHero and other GameFi is that MetaHero has a very grand game ecology. Its development purpose is to occupy the largest flow entrance of human beings to the metaverse. Therefore, its ecological content is large and the ecology is very sound.

Firstly, MetaHero presents a virtual world with a relatively complete economic system for players through five major sectors, including Game system, NFT system, DeFi system, DAO system and token system, and further brings users step-by-step “play-to-earn” Game experience. This is something that other GameFi projects currently struggle to achieve.

Secondly, MetaHero also made significant innovations in the economic model that other GameFi projects couldn’t match. MetaHero has a very robust economic system. In the game ecosystem, all users can acquire heroes in various ways, and acquire ASB, MWB and HWB game assets through game levels.

You can exchange these game assets for HSPC tokens through the SWAP function, get HSPC tokens to exchange for USDT in the secondary market or exchange, or participate in game investment (DeFi) to keep your tokens intact, MHC will become game world tokens and consumer tokens will be used for in-game ecological construction. The whole economic system is interlinked, and with destruction and deflation mechanisms, the stability of HSPC and MHC tokens can be maintained for a long time.

Why did Silicoin choose to cooperate with MetaHero?

Silicoin: As a highly playable tower defense blockchain game, MetaHero supports SIT tokens, which will inject strong energy into the Silicoin ecosystem. Miners and game players make money in a similar way, and with the same logic, the two projects work together to create a good chemistry, and users can get more from projects linked together.

Can we use SIT to play MetaHero?

MetaHero: Silicoin miners can enter MetaHero’s world by exchanging the original SIT for SIT on the BSC chain via the Future Cash bridge. In MetaHero’s setting, SIT needs to be converted to HSPC and then played, instead of directly using SIT. However, the exchange process is so simple and silky that it doesn’t affect the player’s experience!

In response to the above, how can we use MetaHero NFT to trade or exchange cash?

MetaHero: MetaHero’s system has an NFT trading market. Players can sell NFT assets in it. After the transaction is successful, the buyer will receive the corresponding token, and then it can be cashed out through the secondary market. NFT is a player’s personal asset, and players have the right to dispose of their NFT freely.

Silicoin has been known to launch special events when working with each partner, will there also be one with MetaHero this time?

Silicoin: As blockchain esports is one of MetaHero’s big future directions, Silicoin is planning to collaborate with the MetaHero team to hold a game competition for the Silicoin community! Each participating user has the opportunity to receive different levels of rewards.

What impact do you think Silicoin and MetaHero will have on both sides in the future?

Silicoin: In this collaboration, MetaHero and Silicoin will work together in a friendly way and both sides will reap predictable results in their respective fields. Silicoin will promote MetaHero in the global mining community and bring in a large number of users from around the world. MetaHero, meanwhile, supports Silicoin ecosystems and creates new Staking scenarios for SIT beyond mining. Both sides, as leaders in their respective fields, will have more amazing sparks in the long-term cooperation in the future.

MetaHero AMA announced



MetaHero and Silicoin successfully held AMA on April 9th


On April 9th, MetaHero and Silicoin successfully held an AMA in the Silicoin Discord community, with more than 10,000 people interacting, and airdrop rewards were issued to some active members. William attended the event on behalf of MetaHero, answered questions from the host and community members, mentioned the ecological co-construction and development plan of MetaHero and Silicoin, and said that the cooperation between MetaHero and Silicoin will be carried out for a long time, and the two parties will jointly create a prosperous Metaverse ecology.



Strong alliances build an ecosystem together, the AMA event of MetaHero and Silicoin was successfully held


On April 9th, MetaHero and Silicoin successfully held an AMA in the Silicoin Discord community, with more than 10,000 people interacting, and airdrop rewards were issued to some active members. William attended the event on behalf of MetaHero and answered questions from the host and community members. The following is the live record of the AMA event:

MC: Many of our Silicoin users are very interested in the upcoming game, please briefly introduce the game MetaHero.

William: MetaHero is a classic and unique tower defense chain game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), integrating “TCG, competition, simulation, mining, Staking, SWAP, DeFi, NFT, DAO”, you will lead Your team of heroes go on adventures and achieve each other.

Here you can lead your heroes and pets on adventures and breakthroughs together, and achieve each other in the process of Play-to-Earn. With the game MetaHero, you can have your own world on the blockchain. Each player can obtain heroes by opening blind boxes, trading, gifting, level drops, etc., and use their own heroes to break through in an exciting game environment to get game rewards.

MC: How is MetaHero different from other GameFi? Are there any innovations in the economic model?

William: The biggest difference between MetaHero and other GameFi is that MetaHero has a very grand game ecology. Its development purpose is to occupy the largest traffic entrance to the metaverse for human beings. Therefore, its ecological content is quite large and the ecology is very sound.

MetaHero presents a virtual world with a relatively complete economic system to players through five major sectors: Game system, NFT system, DeFi system, DAO system, and token system, and further brings users a step-by-step “Play-to-Earn” A gaming experience that is currently difficult to achieve with other GameFi projects.

Secondly, MetaHero also has very significant innovations in the economic model, which is also difficult for other GameFi projects to match. MetaHero has a very stable economic system. In the game ecosystem, all users can obtain heroes in various ways, and obtain ASB, MWB, and HWB game assets through game levels.

Then you can exchange these game assets into HSPC tokens through the SWAP function, get HSPC tokens to exchange for USDT in the secondary market or exchange, or participate in game investment (DeFi) to keep your tokens value, MHC will become the game world Tokens and consumption tokens will be used for in-game ecological construction. The entire economic system is interlinked, and coupled with the destruction and deflation mechanism, the stability of HSPC and MHC tokens can be maintained for a long time.

MC: Why did Silicoin choose to partner with MetaHero?

Silicoin official: MetaHero, as a highly playable tower defense blockchain game, supports SIT tokens, which will inject strong energy into the Silicoin ecosystem. The mode of making money for miners and gamers is very similar. With the help of the same logic, the cooperation of the two projects will produce a good chemical reaction, and users can get more rewards between the projects.

MC: Can SIT be used to play MetaHero?

William : Silicoin miners can exchange the original SIT for SIT on the BSC chain through the Future Cash cross-chain bridge, and then use this to enter the world of MetaHero. In the settings of MetaHero, it is necessary to convert SIT to HSPC and then play the game, and SIT cannot be used directly. However, this redemption process is very simple and smooth, and will not affect the player’s experience!

MC: Based on the answers above, how can we use NFTs in MetaHero to trade or exchange cash?

William: MetaHero’s system has an NFT exchange market. Players can sell NFT assets in the exchange market. After the transaction is successful, the buyer will receive the corresponding tokens, which can then be realized through the secondary market. NFT is the player’s personal asset, and the player has the right to freely dispose of his NFT. In addition to taking the NFT to the Exchange Square for trading, the player’s NFT can also be transferred to other accounts in the form of gifting.

Moderator: Everyone knows that Silicoin will launch special events when it cooperates with each partner. Will there be one with MetaHero this time?

Silicoin official: Blockchain e-sports is one of the major development directions of MetaHero in the future, so Silicoin plans to cooperate with the MetaHero team to hold a game competition for Silicoin community users! Every participating user has the opportunity to receive different levels of rewards.

MC: Do you think the cooperation between Silicoin and MetaHero will have any impact on both parties in the future?

Silicoin official: In this cooperation, MetaHero and Silicoin will cooperate in a friendly way, and both parties will reap predictable good results in their respective fields. Silicoin will promote MetaHero in the global miner community and attract a large number of users from all over the world; at the same time, MetaHero supports the Silicoin ecosystem and creates new application scenarios for SIT other than staking mining. As leaders in their respective fields, both parties will collide with more amazing sparks in the long-term cooperation process in the future!

In addition to the official questions with Silicoin, William also accepted questions from the community, and distributed airdrop benefits to these players who actively participated in the interaction. The following is the live record:

Community Questioner: Okay, I have a question for William, what can we do with heroes once we’ve exhausted their resource production capacity?

William: Once a hero’s resource generation capacity is exhausted, they will only be used for crafting upgrades. No longer has the ability to generate any three game tokens.

Community Questioner: Hi William, I was wondering if an in-game messaging feature would be developed to communicate with users and maybe a guild?

William: Actually, we already have the function of establishing a guild, including that guild members will have their own community. Regarding users being able to chat in the game, I think this is a good suggestion, and we are already planning to develop this function.

Community Questioner: The base hero is currently at level 30, are there any plans to make it higher?

William: For now, the basic hero is just to make players better adapt to the game in the early stage, and the basic hero cannot get game tokens, so it does not make sense to increase the hero level cap.

Community Questioner: Will MetaHero add some new heroes?

William: Yes, this is in the next development plan.

Community Questioner: I see there is a liquidity pool for tokens in the game wallet. Is this also part of the game mechanics, or is it a separate thing for investors?

William: This is a DeFi ecosystem that belongs to MetaHero. The liquidity pool allows users to use ASB, HWB, MWB and HSPC to form trading pairs for staking mining and earn transaction fees.

Community Questioner: What do you think of the idea of having our heroes attack instead of running, for example, in multiplayer?

William: Multiplayer? Are you talking about PVP? This is a classic tower defense type game. Its game orientation is not player VS player, but player VS environment, but we are also considering developing a PVP game mode, but before that, we may plan to launch some players Co-op game mode.

Community Questioner: If there are questions in the community in the future, can we send them to you, or should we forward them to the moderator of your telegram chat?

William: Ok, you can find me in the official MetaHero telegram

You can find me through this link

Finally, the AMA event came to a successful conclusion. William and Silicoin officially distributed hero NFT airdrop benefits to these members of the Discord community. Through the exchange of this AMA, the partnership between MetaHero and Silicoin has been further improved. The cooperation between MetaHero and Silicoin will be carried out for a long time. Together, we will create a prosperous metaverse ecology.

MetaHero chain game advanced cheat full collection – teach you to play to earn GameFi quickly, HSPC get your hands on!!!

MetaHero is a fine game that combines hero synthesis, character upgrade, stand defense, and earn while playing, with the background of defending the human tribe and defending against monster attacks. In the game, players can buy treasure chests and complete level defense to get hero characters (NFT) to participate in the game to play for gold. Players participate in daily hero synthesis, defeat monsters, level up and other tasks to obtain three game resources, Aura Stone ASB, Magic Wood MWB and Holy Water HWB, which can be exchanged for HSPC through Swap, eventually creating a game based meta-universe economic ecological space.

MetaHero this chain game preparation and development took more than a year to finally online, is after a long time to polish the details of the game, from the game play mechanism, and then the entire economic model are said to be rich and perfect, can give players the ultimate experience.

In order to make it easier for players to enter the world of MetaHero, this article will introduce the gameplay strategy in detail. The following are the details of each step.

Asset preparation

1.Top-up HSPC

Players need to buy HSPC through the VAEX exchange to withdraw to the game, in order to open the blind box treasure box to get the senior hero NFT to participate in the game to play gold, blue hero is a system gift, only a very small amount of gold gain, but also need to use HSPC to exchange the appropriate amount of Aura Stone ASB, Magic Wood MWB, Holy Water HWB three game resources tokens used to play gold consumption.

VAEX korea exchange download link:

2. Top-up MHC

Players need to go to TP wallet to log in OASwap, then use USDT to exchange MHC (MHC contract address: 0x04Ef9272661420c4164Ad7179a962A51b648AED0) transfer to the game, MHC will be used to pay for the cost when opening the blind box. OAswap link: https://swap.

ExchangeASB, MWB, HWB

Before each player starts playing the game, they must exchange a small amount of ASB, MWB, and HWB through the built-in Swap of the game for deduction of game consumption.


How to play

1.Get heroes

① Open the blind box treasure chest through the mall, there are three types of treasure chests, each box has the corresponding color quality, respectively purple, purple +, orange, open the treasure chest can randomly get different hero characters.

② Buy heroes through the trading square, or friends to increase each other.


2.Select heroes to fight

Each character can only choose one class of heroes (according to the color distinction) to fight, the extra hero cards can be sold or starred to improve the gold output.

3.Purchase Energy

Each hero needs to buy energy once a day (energy consumption), energy consumed 100% to get 50% bonus.

You can see the energy value when you open the hero details, the energy value consumed is different for different classes and levels of heroes, the specific parameters are compared to the energy consumption table.

Use holy water to buy energy value, 1 holy water HWB = 1 energy, each hero can only buy energy once a day, so you need to buy the full amount of energy value at once. Every day 0 points automatically zero (not consumed energy).

4.Level defense

Use the highest level hero for defense, defeat all the monsters for success, and vice versa for failure; pass the elite level, will drop the treasure chest, open the chest to get runes, pet cards and hero cards (90% probability of blue cards, other cards drop 2.5% each).



Upgrades are divided into base level and hero level

1.The base level determines the starting level of the synthetic hero, and the total number of stars in any hero faction determines the upper limit of the base level


2.Hero upgrade

① You can activate a hero by buying one (buy from trading square, get from opening blind box).

② Upgrade: Each level of upgrade requires the consumption of 3 initial cards. For example, level 1 upgrade to level 2 requires 3 cards, level 2 upgrade to level 3 requires 3 cards …… level 20 upgrade to level 21 requires 3 cards. Each upgrade also requires the consumption of MHC + HSPC, the specific consumption of a card requires the consumption of the initial card value of 5% MHC + 5% HSPC, and so on. The higher the star rating of the hero, the more efficient the resources produced. The higher the star level, the higher the efficiency of clearance. (Note: free blue hero upgrade is not included in this rule, but the upgrade logic is the same, free blue hero can increase the total number of stars in the camp)

Additional features

1. Attack ✖2:You can use 50 diamonds to increase the attack and get 1000 magic crystals for every 5 activations.

2. Silver ✖4: 50 diamonds can be used to increase the silver output multiplier, and 1000 rune fragments can be obtained for every 5 activations.

3. Pet system: In the battle, the pet can assist the hero for damage output; in the process of clearance treasure chests have a chance to open the pet card, used for pet upgrade, the higher the pet level, the higher the combat power.

4. Rune system: Assembly runes can significantly improve the pet’s attack attributes, can be synthesized from low-level runes + pieces of high-level runes.

5. Scroll system: assembly scrolls can significantly improve the hero attack attributes, can be synthesized from multiple low-level scrolls high-level scrolls, different levels and less than 4, there will be a probability of failure.

6. Monster Codex: every first time you defeat a new monster, you can get a monster icon, there will be a corresponding diamond reward.


Core functions

1. Wallet: Click on the wallet, you can jump to the corresponding account wallet, you can view the guild, account details, share the invitation link to friends, as well as view the assets, recharge, withdraw coins, Swap transactions, provide liquidity to get the fee income.

2. Store: Click on store, you can jump to open treasure chest page, according to the assets of the wallet, choose the corresponding treasure chest to open/get heroes through trading square.

Output mechanism

1. The heroes need to choose the day to participate in the kind of resources to obtain, when the completion of the day’s physical consumption will be given 50% of the production, for example: the user has to refine the Fang Shi (production: A for 100, B for 90, C for 75) and choose to produce A, after the consumption of physical energy can get 50 A, while 20% of B and 20% of C need to be deducted; and the user if you choose to produce B, after the consumption of physical If the user chooses to produce B, he can only produce 45 Bs after consuming physical strength, while 20% of A and 20% of Cs need to be deducted.

2. The other 50% of the production energy needs the user to choose to enter one of the three copies to get the reward, copy 1 for the immortal stone ASB production, copy 2 for the sacred wood MWB production, copy 3 for the holy water HWB production, for example: the user has a refined Fang Shi (production energy: A for 100, B for 90, C for 75) to fight copy 1, after completing and winning 10 games, you can get 50 A, while 20% of B and 20% of C need to be deducted. If the user chooses to enter copy 3, after completing and winning 10 games, he can only get 37.5 Cs, while 20% of A and 20% of B have to be deducted.


Hero Output Resource Efficiency: Clicking on a hero will show you the resource efficiency, and the + number indicates the amount of resources produced per day, which will be automatically settled to your wallet.

Settlement mechanism

1. The heroes need to choose the day to participate in the kind of resource acquisition (in the assets below a resource setting, you can click on any one of the three resources to choose), when the completion of the day’s physical consumption will receive 50% of the production, the other 50% of the production needs to be selected by the user to enter the map of the three copies (ASB battlefield, HWB battlefield, MWB battlefield, each battlefield has 10 daily Each battlefield has 10 challenges per day) to complete the challenge in order to obtain the maximum yield.

2. The settlement of the output requires the deduction of two other assets, when the settlement of the other two assets is not enough to deduct will affect the settlement of revenue (for example, 20 coins need to be deducted as consumption, only 10, then only 50% of the settlement of energy).

3.Every night after 0:00, the income will pop up when you log in the next day, click on the income box to settle the previous day’s income.

For example, if you get a Orange Apollo (suppose it is worth 100USDT worth of HSPC+5%MHC is required), suppose the output of Aura Stone ASB is 80, the output of Magic Wood MWB is 63, and suppose the output of Holy Water HWB is 107. To complete the task every day and produce Holy Water HWB 107, need to consume Aura Stone ASB 16 (20%), Holy Water HWB 12.6 (20%). Then the wallet needs to be pre-charged in advance: ASB > 16 of Aura Stone, HWB > 12.6 of Holy Water, if it is not enough, it will affect the final payment.


In the end, 100% of the maximum production capacity will be obtained on the same day: 107-16-12.6=78.4 resource tokens. Assuming that the prices of the three resource tokens are not much different, the ratio of exchanging Holy Water HWB to HSPC through wallet SWAP is 19:1, which is obtained every day. 78.4÷19=4.126 HSPCs.

Assuming that the HSPC is 1U according to the exchange price, 4×1U=4U/day, 4Ux50=200U, it will take about two months to easily achieve 2-3 times out.

Note: The income calculation fluctuates according to the price of HSPC. When the price of HSPC increases, the income increases; when the price of HSPC decreases, the income decreases.

MetaHero-Crypto Community:

Attachment: hero output/consumption data table is as follows